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Directory of links to articles related to the Summer Work and Travel Program research. For a complete list refer to endnotes in the report and internal notes.



  1. Annual Report to the Congress on the International Educational and Culture Exchange Program. Fiscal Year 1966


  1. By the Comptroller General Report to the Congress of the United States . Coordination of International Exchange and Training Programs – Opportunities and Limitations.


  1. Fulbright Program: 40 And Still ‘Pretentious’


  1. Feb – Government Auditor_GAO examination of J1-visas administered by US Information Agency (USIA)_Inappropriate Uses of Educational and Cultural Exchange Visas.


  1. USIA Statement of Policy  – note about SWT reciprocity and financial ability 


  1. Sep – Government Auditor_ Office of the Inspector General – Audit Report OO-CI-028_“The Exchange Visitor Program Needs Improved Management and Oversite”


  1. Aug- Students left adrift in U.S., without jobs
  2. Sep – Polish Workers Criticize Six Flags


  1. Sep – My Big Fat American Summer
  2. Sep – Post Magazine: My Big Fat American Summer
  3. Oct – Government Auditor_GAO, “Stronger Action Needed to Improve Oversight and Assess Risks of the Summer Work Travel and Trainee Categories of the Exchange Visitor Program”


  1. Apr – CIS response, regarding the pilot program to enable foreign university students to work and travel in the US for up to 12 months.


  1. Jul – Ivanov v. Sunset Pools Management, Inc., 567 F. Supp.2d 189, 194-96 (D.D.C. 2008) (rejecting J-1 plaintiffs’ joint employer claim in FLSA overtime lawsuit against State Department-designated sponsor because sponsor did not exercise management control over the SWT lifeguards).


  1. Jan – Far from home and on their own
  2. Apr – Cable from US embassy in Moscow, Russia
  3. Nov – Cable from US consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia


  1. Sep – U.S. Charges 37 Alleged Money Mules
  2. Dec – DV J1 Visa Problems (HFR)
  3. Dec – AP IMPACT: US fails to tackle student visa abuses


  1. Jan – Summer Visa Changes To Have Major Impact
  2. Apr – Facebook question: Why are local jobs going to foreign exchange students?
  3. May – The Wonderful World of Disney Visas
  4. Jun – J-1 workers in Orleans complain about rental housing
  5. Jun – Foreign student work program: new rules, same problems
  6. Jun – EPI’s public comments on J-1 Summer Work Travel regulations: Exchange Visitor Program—Summer Work Travel Program Interim Final Rule
  7. Jun – Visa program encourages seasonal hiring of foreign students while U.S. youths go jobless
  8. Jul – Guestworker Diplomacy J visas receive minimal oversight despite significant implications for the U.S. labor market
  9. Jul – EPI Press Release – Guestworker Diplomacy J visas receive minimal oversight despite significant implications for the U.S. labor market
  10. Jul – From Serbia to Cape Cod
  11. Aug – Foreign Students in Work Visa Program Stage Walkout at Plant
  12. Aug – Human Rights Delegation Report August 2011 Hershey, Pennsylvania
  13. Aug – America’s Sweatshop Diplomacy
  14. Aug – Why Foreign Students are Hired for Alaskan Fish Processing Jobs
  15. Aug – Foreign students protest jobs in Hershey
  16. Sep – Russian News, the Hershey J-1 Protest, and American Values
  17. Sep – Alleging Captive Labor, Foreign Students Walk Out of Work-Study Program at Hershey Plant
  18. Oct – Pleas Unheeded as Students’ U.S. Jobs Soured
  19. Dec – J1 Visa Attorney – Clinton orders review of the J1 visa program
  20. Dec – APNewsBreak: Clinton orders review of visa program
  21. Dec – Cheap Labor as Cultural Exchange: The $100 Million Summer Work Travel Industry
  22. Dec – Cheap Labor as Cultural Exchange: The $100 Million Summer Work Travel Industry (pdf)
  23. Dec – US DoS – Guidance Directive 2011-05 Summer Work Travel Program: A Cultural Experience
  24. Dec – “A Cavalier Attitude”: The State Department’s Legacy of SWT Failure


  1. Feb – OIG 2012 Report
  2. Feb – AP: Changes ahead for foreign exchange program
  3. Feb – Company banned in effort to protect foreign students from exploitation
  4. Feb – Abuses in Summer Work Travel Program Extend far Beyond Hershey and CETUSA
  5. Mar – New visa rules would wreak havoc on Alaska’s seafood sector
  6. Mar – Southwest Alaska Communities Want J-1 Visa Program Kept Alive
  7. May – Interim SWT final rule with request for comments Federal Register
  8. May – Final defendant sentenced in international human trafficking scheme
  9. May – US tackles abuse of J1 work-travel programme
  10. May – State Dep’t Revises Foreign Student Job Program After Abuse Complaints – NYT – 5/4/12
  11. May – US revamps student work-visa program after abuses – AP – 5/4/12
  12. May – EPI’s Comments on new provisions: Interim Final Rule: Exchange Visitor Program – Summer Work Travel; 77 Fed. Reg. 27593 (May 11, 2012).
  13. June – North Dakota City Draws Foreign Workers
  14. Sep – Human Trafficking and J-1 Visas for Temporary Workers (Summer Work Travel Program)
  15. Nov – U.S. Anti-Trafficking Policy And The J-1 Visa Program: The State Department’s Challenge From Within
  16. Nov – Student Workers at Hershey Facility Win Back Wages


  1. Feb – DOS Guidance Directive 2013-02
  2. Mar – McDonald’s Guest Workers Stage a Surprise Strike
  3. Mar – Striking McDonald’s Guest Workers Headed to CEO’s Chicago Home
  4. Mar – As Striking Guest Workers Visit NYC Store, McDonald’s Says It Has Cut Ties to Their Franchisee
  5. Mar – Labor abuse in the name of “cultural exchange,” courtesy of the J-1 visa program (again)
  6. Mar – Foreign student McDonald’s workers describe excessive hours, little privacy The Patriot-News
  7. Mar – Guest Worker Visa Troubles Visit McDonald’s
  8. Mar – U.S. Probes Abuse Allegations Under Worker Visa Program
  9. May – На американское консульство подают в суд за лицемерие
  10. Jun – Department of State, Private Sector Exchange, “Building Cross-Cultural Components into the Exchange Visitor Program”
  11. Summer – A Proposed Overhaul of the State Department’s Summer Work Travel Program to Prevent Labor Violations and Human Trafficking
  12. The American Dream Up for Sale: A Blueprint for Ending International Labor Recruitment Abuse


  1. Feb – Culture Shock: The Exploitation of J-1 Cultural Exchange Workers
  2. Feb – SPLC Report: State Department Cultural Exchange Program Hijacked By U.S. Employers, Used For Cheap Labor
  3. Feb – Local Authorities Working to Educate and Protect J-1 Visa Cultural Exchange Students
  4. Mar – J-1 Summer Work Travel Program Still Poorly Regulated
  5. Oct – Stricter oversight of J-1 exchange visitor program coming in January


  1. Feb – Government Auditor_GAO – State Department Has Taken Steps to Strengthen Program Requirements, but Additional Actions Could Further Enhance Oversight
  2. Jun – Deaths of Irish students in Berkeley balcony collapse cast pall on the program
  3. Jul – Amending J-1 Visa Program Could Boost Job Opportunities for American Youth
  4. Aug – Why these foreign students hit American beaches with J-1 visas
  5. Sep – J-1 Visa Abuse: Employers Exploit Foreign Students Under US Government Program Meant For Cultural Exchange
  6. Nov – Justice in Motion J-1 VISA
  7. Dec – Murkowski Works to Support Alaska’s Fisheries and Protect Consumers through Omnibus Bill


  1. Tax Calculator – Tax Benefits
  2. Jan – Irish J-1 visa guide launched as students urged to start looking for jobs now
  3. Feb – Big US employers hire J-1 students at job fair in Dublin
  4. Feb – Donald Trump to Foreign Workers for Florida Club: You’re Hired
  5. Mar – Myth: Human Trafficking Only Happens Abroad
  6. Mar – The president could create 100,000 jobs for young Americans by ending J-1 Summer Work Travel
  7. Mar – At Chicago hotel and elsewhere, Trump used foreign student labor he vows to ban
  8. Mar – Cultural Visitor Or Laborer? J-1 Student Visa Program Fails To Deliver American Experience
  9. Jun – Feds correct to ban Alaska fish processing jobs from J-1 visa program
  10. Jul – Foreign students mistreated in Myrtle Beach, group says
  11. Jul – SPLC complaint: Cultural exchange students in South Carolina exploited for cheap labor
  12. Jul – J-What? Foreign Students Work Their Way into Carolina Culture
  13. Aug – Are foreign students who come to Alaska for summer work on a cultural exchange or just low-paid labor?
  14. Aug – In Alaska, young foreign workers on “cultural exchange” visas wash the dishes and make hotel beds
  15. Aug – Southern Poverty Law Center’s federal complaint
  16. Sep – Southern Poverty Law Center’s federal complaint amended
  17. Oct – Land of opportunity or close to slavery?
  18. Nov – Florida Man Convicted of Sex Trafficking in Connection with Human Trafficking Scheme Targeting Foreign University Students
  19. 2016 Summer Work Travel Monitoring Report


  1. Feb – Retired generals cite past comments from Mattis while opposing Trump’s proposed foreign aid cuts
  2. Feb – Letter by the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition to Trump
  3. May – Proposed US budget threatens educational exchange programs
  4. May – J1 students describe summertime nightmare in Myrtle Beach
  5. Jun – Shortage Of Visas For Seasonal Workers Hits Cape Cod Hospitality Industry Hard
  6. Jul – International Exchange Programs Receive Unprecedented Support
  7. Aug – Trump Administration Considering Cuts to Cultural Exchange Visas Summer work travel, au pair visas under review
  8. Aug- US: rumoured cuts to J-1 visa program
  9. Sep – Is OBX’s summer student program in peril?
  10. Sep – Au pairs and other short-term foreign workers fear losing visas under Trump review
  11. Dec- J-1 agencies’ hidden fees and strict rules lead to student frustration. Excessive mark-up on flight costs by agents.
  12. Top 20 sending SWT countries and top 20 US destinations for SWT students


  1. May – Human Trafficking and J-1 Visas for Temporary Workers (Summer Work Travel Program)
  2. Jul – US tax has changed for J-1 students. Here’s what you need to know
  3. Aug – Cape Businesses Look to J-1 Visa Students to Fill a Labor Need
  4. Aug – The J-1 Visa Process: How Do Foreign Students Get to Cape Cod?
  5. Aug – J-1 Visa Students Face Challenges Living on Cape Cod
  6. Advisory Letter Summer Work Travel Participant Letter (2018) (PDF)
  7. Advisory Letter Summer Work Travel Host/Employer Letter (2018) (PDF)


  1. July – Shining a Light on Summer Work: A First Look at the Employers Using the J-1 Summer Work Travel Visa
  2. July – Florida Companies Among the Top Users of Murky Work-Travel Program


  1. j1visa.state.gov – Strengthening and Reforming the Summer Work Travel Program
  2. j1visa.state.gov – Rulemaking Document for current J1 sponsors
  3. j1visa.state.gov – Participant Brochure Exchange Visitor Program Participant Welcome Brochure (PDF)
  1. Advisory Letters

  2. Staffing Solutions – Payroll Tax Benefits for Employers

Federal Register Exchange Visitor Program Summer Work Travel

  1. Jan 2011 – 2011 Pilot Summer Work and Travel Program for Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine
  2. April 2011 – Interim Final Rule on the SWT program (76 FR 23177)
  3. Nov 2011 – Cap on SWT levels tied to the 2011 numbers and moratorium on new-sponsors.
  4. May 2012: Interim final rule with request for comment. 22 CFR Part 62 RIN 1400–AD14 [Public Notice 7875]
  5. Oct 2014: Final rule with request for comment. 22 CFR Part 62 [Public Notice: 8893] RIN 1400–AC36
  6. Jan 2017: Proposed Rules 22 CFR Part 62 [Public Notice: 9522] RIN 1400–AD14
  7. Current eCFR: Part 62—Exchange Visitor Program