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Обложка Америка(2900x4640)Hello, hello our friend! We’ve been waiting for you!

We know very well why you are here:

You want to know if it is possible to earn $10,000 in Work and Travel (WAT) program for one summer and what you should do for that;

You are looking for real information and advice from students like you, not WAT marketing myths;

You want to know the details that you will not hear on WAT presentations and will not see on their marketing brochures;

You want to know what is most likely to happen in your trip and which category of participants you will find yourself in;

And of course, you want to know how the visa interview goes and what to do to pass it successfully.

Did we guess it right? Looks like, we did! 🙂 If so, let’s keep going. To all these and many other questions you will find detailed answers in the WAT chapter of the book Half-American.

You just heard someone had an exciting summer in States. You also heard from Work & Travel (WaT) agents that students earn up to $10000 just in one summer. Or someone bought a new car after working just three months. That all sounds super cool and great, does not it? And you too became obsessed with it and already make plans where to travel and which car to buy…

So sorry… Sorry but, as practice shows, these are mostly myths; and this is a part of the WAT marketing campaign to get you signed up for the program. We will show you this by doing simple math in a book. And, especially for those who want to earn above $5000, we have collected success secrets and tips from hundreds of participants, just like you. Remember, the knowledge is power!

Work and Travel Calculator

Knowledge is power, therefore we are beginning to publish WAT myths from the WAT chapter of the book. So, here it is, the first and most common WAT myth about money. Check out also following excerpts from the book discussing in detail other myths about the program. Super helpful and definitely worth looking before paying $3000:

No doubt, Work and Travel program provides great opportunities and benefits. Indeed, at the young student age, it gives you an amazing chance to earn good money and broaden your mindset… But you’ve heard it already many times from WAT agents, haven’t you???

Sure, sounds all great but… Unfortunately, only very few participants fully understand its potential and take real advantage of the program. To take full advantage you need to have a full and unbiased picture, right? A picture, free of marketing misinformation. You have to know and separate facts from myths, separate misleading marketing tricks from real life stories. That is exactly why this book is written. You are in the right place my friend. It is written for you and for your benefit. It is written by students and participants like you so you get the most objective picture of the program.

We, the authors, all have been there, been many times, we have gone through all of the program challenges and now we want to pass our invaluable experience and the experience of hundreds of other students to you. This book is written to prepare you for the program and to avoid unnecessary stress and problems in your life. Written for your good and for your success. So download the book, study the chapter of WAT and use this info for your benefit! 🙂

The book discusses in detail most common misconceptions and myths about the Summer Work and Travel program. And it would be wise to study it before paying $3000 to WAT agents, right?

The book contains tips and advices from the most successful participants. The process of preparing and going through a visa interview with typical questions is also described in detail.

Here you will find a lot of interesting Work and Travel facts, and find out what is most likely to happen in your trip. Whether you like it or not, after three months at the end of the summer you will find yourself in one of the three discussed groups. Provided analysis will serve you as a valuable guide throughout the program.

Summary of Work and Travel Chapter:

  1. Details and essence of the program
  2. Clarifying the myths about the program- where is my $10000, career and English?
    • Money myth
    • English myth
    • Career myth
    • Tax refund myth
    • Health insurance myth
  3. Main categories of the participants
  4. Preparation for the program
  5. Description of the visa interview
  6. More than 100 frequently asked questions during the J-1 WAT visa interview
  7. Description of 3 trips

Who will benefit from reading this book:

  • Students considering participation in Summer Work and Travel program
  • Students already signed up for the Summer Work and Travel program

Student, if you really want to earn more than 5000 dollars, you should carefully study WAT chapter. Read it several times if you don’t want to come back with empty pockets and failed expectations. Here you will find tons of valuable tips and stories that will be super helpful in your trip. Most of them you will not find in any WAT marketing brochure. This is your choice. Note, if your main goal of coming to US is to see statue of liberty, travel and have fun, this book is not for you. Why? Because everyone can spend money – it is no-brainer, but this book is for those who wants to make money and better understand the program.

  • Parents of students looking for real information about the program, not marketing myths.

Parents, if you are lost in the information dump from WAT agents, please read the book. It provides real life stories and details never discussed in WAT presentations. Read for your own good. Hopefully, this will help you to separate marketing myths from the truth and see where your offspring is heading.

  • Friends and relatives of students and just anyone interested to know where is the  myths, and where the truth in the Summer Work and Travel program.

Everything in this book is based on hundreds of real-life stories scrupulously collected from WAT participants over the years. So, download the book, study it, earn more money and truly enjoy your trip! 🙂

Best of luck to you!!!

Do not forget to check our new report and book about the Summer Work and Travel program – “Russian SWT Roulette”!

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