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For the benefit of green card applicants we are publishing sample of the Green Card interview with US immigration officer. Note that the following excerpt is taken from the corresponding section of the Half-American book. To check out entire Green Card chapter as well as other tips and recommendations please get the book on Amazon.

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Green Card Interview

… Starting a week before the date of the interview Alex and Kate practiced interview questions and looked over all the pertinent documents several times. They read on internet advices and tips from many couples who had gone through similar interviews. There were many variations of questions and no situation was identical, but general pattern was clear. Both go to the interview room, chat with immigration officer for about 20-30 minutes and happily head to the dinner to celebrate. Alex and Kate were confident that their interview would not be any different from shared examples.

On the day of the interview Alex and Kate arrived at specified location about 45 minutes before the appointment. They passed security checks, nervous and exited at the same time they headed to the waiting area. Large room was moderately crowded with all kind of people – white, black, yellow and any possible combination of these colors. They had European, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, African and Middle Eastern appearances, truly a melting pot. All were impatiently waiting to become permanent residents of United States of America. While Alex was observing the diversity of patrons and nervously checking the watch, the white short man appeared and called out their names.

“Alex, you please wait here, I will call you in 15 minutes” – shortly said immigration officer and invited Kate to the interview room.

Alex was very surprised by such separation but quickly realized it was done to cross check answers to the same questions. Nervous, but still confident, he was patiently waiting. Ten-fifteen minutes later the same officer came out and called Alex to follow him. They entered a room somewhere at the end of the long corridor, Kate was humbly waiting there. Large American flag and eagle statue were the very first things in the room that Alex noticed.

“Please have a seat. My name is Mike, I will be conducting the interview” – politely said immigration officer and pointed to the chair next to Kate.

Alex sat and officer asked to raise a hand to swear to answer questions honestly, then confirmed his name, date of birth and country of origin. Then he asked a series of questions that, as Alex found out later, were given to Kate before he walked in. Mike was serious and did not smile at all.

“When and where did you guys go out to eat last time together and what did you eat” – he asked Alex. Alex responded without hesitation looking straight in his eyes.

“What did you and Kate wear yesterday night, and what was the color?” – followed another question. As Alex were responding, Mike was typing in his answers.

First five – ten minutes were gloomy and Alex felt like he was being accused of something. He tried to appear calm and speak slowly to ensure Mike has time to type in his responses and understand him.

“Good” – said Mike apparently satisfied with his answers. Later Kate said Alex almost missed one question which she thought was rather attributed to his poor language skills. Mike began asking more general questions and seemed friendlier. So Alex and Kate began feeling more comfortable and relaxed too. Apparently mood in the room has changed.

“Where did you meet and when did you marry?” – Mike continued.

“Where are you planning to live and what is your occupation would be?” – he asked.

Mike asked 3-5 additional questions which were not specifically related to their marriage but rather his previous trips to US and outside of the country, and his relatives.

“Ok, I have made some corrections to your records. You will be notified by the mail about the outcome of the interview. Please follow me both” – said Mike rather friendly and walked them out of the interviewing area. The actual interview appeared short, quick and less scary as was described in the internet forums.

“What do you think? Please tell me what he asked you and did I miss anything” – excitedly asked Alex.

“Well you pretty much answered all of them correctly and answers were in good match what I said to him earlier. Except one though. I think you messed up the color of my shirt I wore yesterday” – said laughing Kate.

“Really? I thought it was beige and with stripes, was it not? I was not sure exactly how to say that in English” – responded Alex with sadness in the voice.

“I think he got it and we will be alright. You see how smiley and friendly he got after interrogating you. Did you see his face when you started taking with your funny accent? It looked like he could barely hold from bursting into laughing. He probably wrote into your records: “funny but a sexy accent lol”. Mike was surely amused by your accent and what you was trying to say” – was joking Kate. “Now forget about it, you had enough worrying. Let’s go to our favorite place” – she hugged Alex and they left the USCIS facility….

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