Обложка Америка(2900x4640)Woohooo! Well done my friend!!!

You may be wondering how credible contributors are. Fair enough, good question. Well, as you will see, the authors are so honest and unbiased that several discussed stories may appear somewhat disturbing as they aim to uncover obscure immigration practices. Not that we did that on purpose but we rather prefer to have sincere conversation about what is out there. And there is no single author, instead we are an open community of US fellow travelers and you too can join our conversation groups (please see links in the book).

This book is a direct result of many years of hard work and joint determination of hundreds of travelers like you. Of course, without all your effort and encouragement this will not be possible. Many thanks to everyone!

We devoted much time and effort to this book and wholeheartedly hope you will find it helpful and beneficial.

Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck!

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