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For the benefit of Naturalization applicants we are publishing sample of the Naturalization interview with US immigration officer as well as preparations for it. Note that the following excerpt is taken from the corresponding section of the Half-American book. To check out entire Naturalization chapter as well as other tips and recommendations please get the book on Amazon.

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Naturalization application and interview

… Alex now had been a permanent resident for three years while married to Kate so now he could apply for the US citizenship. There are many restrictions and implications of being a permanent resident that do not apply to US citizen. He did not particularly care about becoming an elected official or voting. The main reason for Alex to get naturalized was to remove limitations on traveling and simply become American. He could not leave the country for an extended period of time without jeopardizing his permanent residence status. And traveling with US passport in some countries was much easier. In addition, he saw restrictions on some job openings which specifically stated that opportunity was for the US citizens only. He also kept in mind that citizens generally get a priority when bringing their relatives to live in US. Finally, but certainly less important, he thought it was cool to have two citizenships and possess two passports at the same time : )

He researched naturalization process and it seemed very straightforward, therefore he decided to apply without lawyer’s assistance. He rather quickly completed one major form and rest of the requirements did not take much time to complete. He was a person of good moral character since he had not been involved in any criminal or immoral activities. English skills were not a problem anymore since he worked in a professional firm. Preparation for the civics test was rather interesting for he learned history of the country. He found especially beneficial and time saving to listen to CD while driving.

Alex collected all required documents and submitted it to the USCIS in May. Two weeks later he received appointment notice to capture his biometrics for fingerprints to be cleared by FBI. It was scheduled in the middle of June and was quickly completed. Then several months followed without any correspondence from DHS. Alex patiently waited and finally received a naturalization interview notice scheduled for the beginning of February.

At specified date and time Alex appeared at the DHS facility ready to finalize his immigration to US. He was the third one to be interviewed on that day and was called about 10-15 minutes upon arrival. The immigration officer, a white chubby woman introduced herself as Sarah, was nice and carelessly talked to Alex. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed – totally different from the green card interview. Alex quickly passed the civics test and was asked general questions related to his marriage, employment and education. In half an hour naturalization interview was completed. Sarah said that she would submit Alex’s application with favorable recommendation for the final review and check. Decision regarding naturalization she noted will be mailed later. A week later Alex received notice for the naturalization oath ceremony scheduled at the end of February…

Do you want to follow Alex in his trip to America, learn more about Naturalization process (application, interview, and taking oath) as well as his other amazing adventures??? Of course – knowledge is power! Useful tips and recommendations never hurt anybody – so let’s get the book, America is waiting for you!

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