Ever wondered what it takes to come and settle in the United States of America?

How happy are people with their immigration decisions?

Sharing, for the first time, experiences of hundreds of people successfully settled in United States without compromising moral values

From the dishwasher to the manager in American corporation
Half-American. Part One of the trilogy Coming to America: Money, Sex and Lie

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Are you visiting America for the first time as a tourist/temporary visitor and want to know more about the country?

Or perhaps you are traveling to US as a Work and Travel or International student and want to get the most out of your trip? Ok, we get that.

Maybe you are dreaming about the green card or citizenship but strictly oppose trading your ethical values for documents? Great, you are not alone.

Or maybe lucky you preparing for the green card/naturalization interview, freak out and not sure what to expect?

Now relax – the authors, all have been here, so don’t worry, this book is here to help you. Regardless of your current immigration status, keep reading. You will find out how to arrive at your objective with least headache, most benefits and without giving up your moral values.

Wish to avoid unnecessary steps and get a larger piece of the American pie with least emotional stress? Half-American is based on extensive personal observations and numerous collected stories from fellow travelers. This carefully written book filled with valuable insights and tips will serve you as a traveling reference for many years to come. Use it to your advantage wisely and avoid wasteful steps in your fascinating journey to the American Dream. And most importantly, upon achieving your goals in ethical way, feel happy and satisfied 🙂

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United States is the best and most democratic country in the world, no other state closely matches its level of prosperity… Right. We all heard it many many times from “unbiased” media and similar agencies. But for some reason we don’t hear that about 9 million Americans live abroad, and that number is only increasing. Interesting, there is a widespread opinion, especially in developing countries, that if a person immigrates to US regardless of the status (dishwasher or engineer), then, by default, 90% she or he is successful, whatever that means lol 🙂 Often, the less country is developed, the stronger and more widespread such view 🙂 Having lived 10 years in America and collected material for this book, I usually involuntarily begin to smile upon hearing such statements:) Where does such artificial and based, at best, on secondary information, stereotype come from?

Perception of its greatness in the eyes of the world has been intensely shaped by Hollywood movies, entertainment, celebrities, informational agencies,  “exchange” programs, and finally by various so called freedom foundations. But we are certainly not here to discuss US foreign and domestic policy or any politics whatsoever. This consumer nation feverously chasing latest fads of material goods but with surprisingly low happiness indices is often presented as earthly heavens. The reality however is not that rosy. It’s been proved by hundreds of immigrants. Having gone through long and thorny path from a dishwasher to the manager in a large corporation, I have met many immigrants with very different destinies.

Our goal here is to rather show another side of the perfect American coin as it is often perceived by newcomers from the outside. The goal is to pass our findings and provide you with the different perspective at the your trip and possibly immigration to America. The goal is to clarify some myths and typical misconceptions about US society and various programs sponsored by US. By doing so we sincerely hope to complement highly skewed representation of the country so that you independently arrive to the most objective view – the view that will benefit you and your loved ones.

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Who will benefit from reading this book:

  • Work and Travel (J-1) students and their parents thinking about participating in the WAT program and looking for real information not marketing myths. Student, you should read and study carefully WAT section if you really want to make more than $6000. You will find plenty of valuable tips and stories that will be a huge help in your trip. You will learn how to win and a become a champion of your trip. This book is super helpful for you as none of this is included in WAT marketing brochures. Read it several times to earn your money or come back with empty pockets. This is your choice. Now, parents, if you are lost in the information dump from WAT agents, please read this book. Here you will find real life stories and details never discussed during WAT presentations. Hopefully, this will help you to separate marketing myths from the truth and see where your offspring is heading. And yeah, no doubt, this will help your child to finally grow up.
  • International students (F-1) planning to come on student visa and afterwards willing to stay and work in the US (various transition paths are discussed in the book). Student’s parents and other relatives wishing to know more about their future experiences in the country will find this book useful as well. This book is definitely not for spoiled kids of rich parents – there is no daddy or mommy there to help you out again. Only those who are ambitious, serious and have a clear goal of becoming successful will greatly benefit and appreciate the book.
  • Expatriates and Tourists visiting the country for the extended periods. We have met many professionals being brought to US on the work visa and laid off afterwards. Similarly we have seen visitors initially intending to stay in a US for three weeks and ending up staying in US for the rest of their life. Still other so called tourists, entering country with the definite goal of not coming back, may find this book useful as well.
  • Descendants of immigrants – first and second generations curious about experiences of their parents and grandparents. Third and up generations are unlikely to understand the challenges of coming to the new country and unfortunately will not appreciate the struggles of their ancestors.
  • Green card and Naturalization applicants – immigrants in the process of obtaining immigration documents and preparing for the green card and naturalization interviews. You may go directly to corresponding chapters. You are the lucky ones. Please refer to the table of contents. For your convenience, we have posted excerpts from the book with Green Card interview and Naturalization interview samples. Check it out! 
  • Any American willing to get to know and understand newcomers. Some may greatly benefit from it before marrying their foreign girl-, boyfriend or get an idea how to find one. Cultural difference might be too large to live with so be wise and careful. As you read try mentally become that newcomer, understand their challenges and mindset. This will help you to see motivation behind their decisions. Love is great but how sincere and lasting is it?

And you don’t have to read the whole book. Just go to table of contents and choose your chapter of interest.

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This comprehensive book includes multiple carefully selected stories shared by other travelers. You will see how to avoid common mistakes in your journey to the American Dream. More importantly you will learn how to achieve your objectives and feel happy and satisfied at the end.

Whether you will refer to this book as a manual, guide or whatever, remember its ultimate goal. The goal is to present our findings so you can make independent and most ethical decision. Decision that will make you  feel truly happy at the end of your journey.

With our hearts, we hope and believe in your success and high ethical values; we know your hard work and determination will ultimately pay you off.

The best of luck!

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